Now Taking Bets!

So, my downstairs neighbors moved out about a week ago.  Yes, these were the ones who moved into the building in February.  I have now had two separate sets of downstairs neighbors in the year I’ve been in my apartment.  And in June, the third set will be moving in (there was an open house on Monday, and I met my soon-to-be new neighbors yesterday because they were there signing the lease when I got home from work…yeah, have I mentioned that the housing market here in DC is insane?)

As far as I can tell, that amount of turnover is kind of anomalous for my building.  But then again, maybe the first floor apartment has a higher turnover rate than the other two units in the building (the first floor unit is a two-bedroom, my apartment on the second floor is a one-bedroom, and there’s a studio on the third floor).  The other day I was joking to a friend that maybe the first floor apartment is cursed!  😛

Maybe part of the reason why people aren’t sticking around as long in the first-floor apt is because it’s not quite as good of a deal as my unit and the studio–I was actually floored when I heard how much it was going for (and not in the good way that I was when I heard the price on my current place)  Not sure why it’s less insanely cheap in relation to the bat-shit-crazy DC rental market than the other units…

So, anyone want to take bets on how long this latest couple is going to stay?  😛

(On a totally unrelated note, I’m sorry I haven’t been posting many pictures lately–I just haven’t been doing much around the apartment–between special events at the second job, and having a friend stay with me until his summer apartment opened up, I haven’t had much time to do anything beyond basic cleaning around here.  :-()


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