Yay and Nay


All of the trim in my kitchen is painted!!!!  Now moving on to the trim in the living room (and the radiator, which I’m dreading having to paint!  Gah)

-Yesterday on my way home from work, there was a girl on the bus who was carrying a small side table.  Looks like someone had just scored it off Craig’s List.  Also, I love that I’m not the only one who drags strange things on public transportation!  🙂

-The maintenance guy for my building was in my apartment the past couple of days to plaster over some wonky spots on the walls and ceiling of my bedroom.  This means that he has definitely seen what I’ve done in my kitchen (painting the walls and cabinets, and putting up a backsplash) without permission.  And I have yet to get an irate call or email from my landlord.  Score!


-Saw a full-time museum job posted online yesterday.  Granted, it was in the sticks of Maryland’s eastern shore, and only required a bachelor’s degree.  But the salary?  $22k.  Twenty-two thousand dollars a year!?!?!?!  Even for someone with a bachelor’s degree, that’s obscenely low.  As my mom said when I told her “Wow.  That’s what starting teachers make in South Dakota.”  (FYI, teachers in SoDak are the lowest paid in the country)  So yeah, that’s really low.  *sigh*


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