You Know You Have a Problem When:

Pictures like these make you drool–

They’re pictures of a “junior-one bedroom” condo that’s for sale in the Kalorama neighborhood.  I normally don’t even look at places for sale in that area, because it’s a nice part of DC, and one that I will never be able to afford to live in (not to mention that I’m not sure I’d want to live there–it’s a little too quiet and safe and sanitary for my tastes…it’s what Mount Pleasant would be if you took away the quirky and eclectic commercial strip along Mount Pleasant Street)

…unless I bought a place like this one!  One that is quite small (I get the impression it’s a glorified studio), and hasn’t been updated in quite a while.

But surprise, surprise, that’s what I like about it!  I like that it doesn’t have the generic beige “stone” tile in the bathroom that goes in to just about every renovation these days, or the flat “wood” cabinets with the long, straight brushed nickel pulls that are in every renovated kitchen.  It still has the original tile on the walls in the bathroom, and the french doors to the kitchen!  I could update it MY way, a way that takes into account the time period of the original building, instead of ripping out or covering over all the original character in pursuit of making the space “modern”

Hey, if you want a modern place, go buy new construction!  Stop ruining the gorgeous old buildings–leave some of them nice and historic for those of us who’ll appreciate it!

P.S.–Speaking of old buildings:  my new neighbors are moving in this week.  I’m still trying to figure out if they’re a couple or just roommates–they definitely gave me the impression that they’re each taking one of the bedrooms, which indicates that they’re roommates, but who knows.  Also, still taking bets on how long before they run away from all the “historic character”  😛

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