The Tiny Bathroom

The bathroom in my apartment is pretty teeny-tiny.  It’s also mostly various types of beige tiles (the original off-white ceramic wall tiles that seems to have aged strangely–some patches of tile seem darker than others, and the beige “stone-look” tiles on the floor and bath tub surround that were put in right before I moved in), which I can’t do much about.

So I haven’t done a whole lot in the bathroom.  I took down the old giant medicine cabinet and put up a nice mirror, and last week, I put up a little cafe curtain.

Previously, the window in the bathroom had been covered by a hideous roller shade.  Finally, I took part of a white bedsheet from Ikea, hemmed the edges, and hung it half way up the window with a tension rod.  I’m glad I decided to go with a cafe curtain look, because the top of the curtain is high enough that a person standing in my bathroom is totally hidden from outside view (even if someone was, you know, levitating outside a second floor window  :-P), but the upper half of the window is still open to let in more light–which, as you can tell from the picture, my bathroom desperately needs!


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