Silly Dreams…

As you have probably noticed, I’m willing to put a bit of effort and a bit of money into my rental apartment.  I may not own it, but I do plan on sticking around in this place for quite a while, so I figure it’s worth it.

But there is a limit to how much money and work I’m willing to put in.  Putting in new appliances?  Demo-ing and replacing tile?  Moving plumbing?  Nope, nope, and NOPE.

But if I could/was willing to put that much effort into my apartment, this is what I would do with the bathroom:

For the floor, I’d go with traditional white pinwheel tile–definitely appropriate for the bathroom in an old rowhouse! (And with much more character than the way-overdone–and way too modern–12×12 beige “stone” tiles that are in there now!)

The bottom half of the walls would be white subway tiles, with a top edge of something pretty and subtle like this.

This is the sink I would want–again, much more appropriate for the time period of the building than the modern cabinet vanity that’s there now!

And last but certainly not least:  CLAWFOOT TUB!  I know they’re impractical for those of us who shower, but SO PRETTY!  I’d totally be willing to deal with the impracticality!  😀


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