If I Owned My Apartment…

I’ve put a fair amount of work into my apartment’s kitchen (especially for a rental!), and am really happy with it.

But my exposed-storage sideboard is a very “rental” storage solution–it’s inexpensive, and isn’t permanent.  If I actually owned my apartment, I’d probably be more interested in a more permanent, more expensive,  and less-visible storage alternative to that sideboard–actual, honest-to-goodness base cabinets!

I’d go with Ikea’s butcher block counter for the top, and maybe put up some exposed storage in the form of wall shelves.  (If I owned my apartment, I’d have yanked out the dark gray laminate countertops and replaced all of it with butcher block a long time ago!)

And tying this back to my post from a bit ago about the unrenovated condo in Kalorama, I freaking love the challenge of working modern conveniences into historic spaces without taking the easy way out of “gut it and start over”.  My kitchen is a crazy space because it’s large (probably originally a bedroom), but it’s strangely laid out, making working in things like a dishwasher and extensive storage a challenge.  But it’s so much fun!  😀


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