Decor Fail!

Alternately:  I’m a freaking nice person!

My new downstairs neighbors asked if they could go in on the wireless network that my upstairs neighbor and I currently share, and of course I said yes, since that means that we could upgrade to a faster internet connection while still each paying less a month.  But then we discovered that the back bedroom in the 1st floor apartment was apparently a fallout shelter in a previous life–it’s wicked hard to get a decent wireless signal back there!  The signal is fine in the rest of the building, but that one room is giving us trouble.  So I’ve been moving the router around in an attempt to help improve the signal.  The latest move has involved migrating the router from my living room to my kitchen.

Now, there is no cable jack in the kitchen.  Which means that I have to run either the cable cord or the ethernet cord from the living room (where there is a jack) to the kitchen.

And this is the classy look that I get:

That’s the ethernet cord running from my living room into my kitchen.  I’ll eventually tack the cord down along the baseboard, but I’m holding off on that until we know if this has fixed the signal problem.

So until then, I just have to try not to trip on the crazy cord.  And I can admire my amazingly classy apartment.  😛

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