Sorry there hasn’t been much decorating/home improvement activity around here lately.  I’ve been distracted by wireless issues (see previous post), and getting ready for a trip to upstate-NY with some friends this weekend.

But just because I’m not doing much around my apartment doesn’t mean I’m not lusting after other apartments/condos!  😛

This condo building is located on 16th Street, a couple of blocks north of where I live.  It’s absolutely freaking gorgeous, and I’ve been drooling over it for several years (I noticed the building the first time I lived in Mount Pleasant a couple of years ago)

Of course, the two units that are currently for sale in the building are brand-new renovations, so not only are they wicked expensive, but you all have heard my opinion on most new renovations in old buildings (summary:  BLEGH!)  But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of finding an unrenovated unit, with all of the 1910s character still intact (and a balcony or two), just waiting for my love!

Or, you know, I could be realistic and go back to making my current apartment as perfect as possible (within reason), since there’s no way I’ll be able to afford to buy here in DC.



  1. i totally recognize that building! used to live in mt. pleasant-ish… first at a building on 16th and monroe called the yorkshire, when you could still rent a GIANT studio apartment for about $800. it was super cute and i loved it (this girl may or may not live in the exact unit i lived in:

    then i got bed bugs and moved to the argonne, on the corner of columbia and 16th. it was horribly overpriced (and had a totally cheesy renovated kitchen) but it was nice to have a bodega, a coffee shop, a gym and a pool in my building! i moved away in 2008 but miss it allllll the time!

    • Haha–I love how distinctive some buildings in DC are. Back when I had cable, I loved to watch the house-hunting or home improvement shows on HGTV whenever they were showing a place in DC, and play guess the neighborhood! 😛

      I totally know where the Yorkshire is! The first time I loved in Mt. P, I was in a studio in the Embassy at 16th/Harvard/Mt. Pleasant St. I absolutely adored it, because it was a really well-done renovation that updated the kitchen and bathroom while leaving all the cool old character intact (original inlaid wood floors, fancy molding on the walls, etc), and I had a balcony, which is wicked rare in old buildings. But I was also paying an arm and a leg for it (more than I’m paying for my current one bedroom), so when my lease was up, I wasn’t able to stay. And now the building is expensive condos. Booo.

      A lot of my problem with ever being able to buy in DC is that I’m so totally spoiled in my current place–it’s insanely cheap for the neighborhood and the amount of space I get, and I know that to be able to buy, I’m going to have to sacrifice space (going down to a studio, which I don’t really want to do with two cats!), location (I could probably afford a place up in Brightwood, waaaaaaaaaay far away from a metro station, and in a boring area), or character (again, totally spoiled by my current place–I LOVE places that were built in the first two decades of the 20th century, and still have the original feel–I’m not interested an open layout or anything like that! :-)) So yeah, I’m pretty much just a spoiled, whiny baby 😛

      And it really is amazing how much rental prices have gone up in just the 5 years I’ve lived in DC–my first apartment was a studio in Foggy Bottom, and it was $875. The same studios are now being advertised at over $1200! Ack!

      • wow, and i thought my 900 sq ft one bedroom (which i shared with my ex-boyfriend) was overpriced at $1755! at that point i still knew plenty of people who lived in $1100-$1200 one bedrooms. actually after we broke up and i left dc, he moved into a “junior one bedroom” in the argonne for like $1400 (which also seemed like a rip-off) and it looks very similar to that listing. i’m kind of surprised they’ve raised the rent so much considering they weren’t even making people pay a security deposit or move-in fee when we signed our lease. it seemed like they had quite a few vacancies. of course, this was right before and right after the target was built… i’m sure that’s changed some things, ha. i find it hilarious how many of my friends have left d.c. for brooklyn because it’s cheaper!

      • Yeah, wow…when I lived at the Embassy, I was paying $1400 for a really nice studio, and I thought that was insanely expensive (though it was 3 years ago)–I don’t even want to think about what that apartment would be renting for now (if the building hadn’t gone condo)!

        And you’re totally right about DC v. Brooklyn–just a really quick browse through Craig’s List turned up a bunch of apartments similar to the one I’m in now, going for about the same price, in Brooklyn (and my apartment’s wicked cheap for Mt. P!)

        Just out of curiosity (because I’m a huge city- and neighborhood-character nerd), if someone who had lived in large cities before–and thus had a certain tolerance for what cities are like–were moving to Brooklyn, would there be certain neighborhoods/areas that you would tell them to avoid (either because they’re overpriced, or because they’re sketchy), or others that you would tell them to look at? I love learning about the character of different areas, and I’m not too familiar with Brooklyn! 🙂

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