Dressing a Table

I’m very happy with the little antique table that I snagged off of Craig’s List for my kitchen, but it is almost the exact same wood tone as my floors!  It’s in pretty good shape, so I’d feel bad painting it, but then I realized that a table cloth would be the perfect way to add some color to the kitchen, and break up the swaths of wood!

The problem, though, is that most commercially available or vintage table cloths are much too large for a 30″ diameter table.

But!  Many vintage square scarves are in the vicinity of 30+” across!  So I started browsing Etsy, and found a ton of beautiful scarves, many for under $10!




Why yes, I am partial to bold paisley designs!  😛

With these busy table coverings, I’d have to go with more simple dishes.  My current dishes are a mish-mash of styles, mostly from HomeGoods and Ikea, and mostly pretty cheap looking.

But I think these dishes would be perfect with a bold table cloth, simple and classic, without being boring:

So next time I’m at Ikea, I might be snagging some of these plates and bowls.

And I’ll post pictures of my kitchen table once I get the scarves in the mail!  🙂


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