Before and After

I know, I’ve kind of been on a kitchen kick recently.  But that also made me realize that I hadn’t actually pulled together the befores and afters of my kitchen (well, sort-of afters–there’s still a few things that I’d like to do to the space, but it’s little fiddly things like pretty Anthro knobs and the like…)

So, my kitchen long, long ago (or about a year ago):

(This was right before I moved in)

(And this one is after I moved in [obviously :-P] and after I’d bought the sideboard, but before I’d done any painting, back-splash adding, or rearranging)

And now:

Of course, it’s not perfect, but considering that I spent a grand total of about $200 (paint, backsplash panels, cabinet hardware, Ikea sideboard and curtains, vintage pedestal table from Craig’s List, and silk scarf-turned-tablcloth from Etsy), and that I rent (so definitely no ripping out cabinets or replacing appliances!), I’m pretty darn happy with it!  🙂

PS–Voting in The Kitchn’s Small Cool Kitchen contest goes until the 25th!  I know I have no chance of catching up to some of the early entries (and there’s some gorgeous rental kitchens in the running!), but I’d still appreciate every vote!  And I promise I’ll shut up about it now…



    • Thank you!

      And actually, it’s not so much that my landlord “let” me make the changes, as I went ahead and made them (figuring that I’m keeping things fairly generic and not too taste-specific), and I’ll worry about the reaction later (when, at some point in the distant future, I move out). And the maintenance guy for my building has been into my apartment since I made the changes, and so far no one’s freaked out, so I think I’m pretty safe! 🙂

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