While I was looking through my pictures of my kitchen the other day, I was struck by how pale it is.  It’s pretty, but it needs a punch, some more bright accents.  After moving The Hot Pink Lincoln Bust (oh yeah, it gets capitalization  :-P) to the kitchen, I started thinking about adding some more hot pink accents, and maybe some black and silver.  And then I realized that I keep coming back to that color combination, even though it’s often derided as juvenile punk or something, and is most often seen in pre-teen girl bedrooms.

But the thing is, I never really outgrew my punk “phase”.  I like to think that I’ve been able to find a balance in my clothing, combining classic, urban lines with some unexpected edgier bits.  So why can’t I try to apply the same principles to my decorating?

In my first move in that direction, accepting my punk-ish aesthetic while combining it with an adult appreciation for the classic, vintage, and antique, I recovered an ottoman that I had bought on sale at Target ages ago, with the intention of recovering it.  I liked the lines, but not the zebra-print fabric on the cushion.

Yep.  Black and hot pink.  Hells yeah!

Now lets see if I can keep this up (and keep it from looking like a teenage threw up all over my apartment!)


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