More Work on the Kitchen

My living room is kind-of an explosion of projects pieces right now.  My couch is covered with uncovered pillow forms (I ordered the fabric to cover them over the weekend–hopefully I’ll have time to get them covered before the party I’m having on the 6th), and I have the old folding table from my kitchen set up in the living room to serve as a stand for painting the shelves I got from Ikea over the weekend.

I’m excited about the shelves, but I’m also terrified, because they’re heavy even without anything on them, and while I’ve found the studs in the wall where I want to hang them, my walls are wonky at best, and I’m scared that it’ll all come crashing down and take part of the wall with it or something!

I have to go by the little local hardware store in the next few days to get the materials to hang the shelves, so maybe I’ll ask them while I’m there if they have any tips for hanging heavy things on old plaster walls (since I’d imagine it’s something that comes up frequently with all the 100 year old rowhouses in my neighborhood)



  1. hey, i did a similar project in my kitchen (though i just painted some lumber from home depot). these are essential:

    since i just used planks and not ikea shelves (dunno what kind of hardware they come with, but i assume you want them to be floating), i also used brackets. you could use some for extra support… home depot has decorative ones, though i just used the cheap plain white metal kind.

    anyway, here’s my kitchen! (part of it anyway)
    my kitchen

    if you think your non-matching cabinets are bad, you should have seen what i demoed before putting up the shelves. two COMPLETELY different small cabinets hung askew with a giant wasteful gap in between them! my kitchen is still terrible, but this was a major improvement… plus i like seeing my dishes 🙂

    anyway i just realized i never got back to you about neighborhoods in brooklyn that are comparable to mt. p. to be honest, i can’t think of any… i think philadelphia is much more similar to d.c. and i know it’s not as “cool” as bklyn, but the museum scene there is prob pretty decent there too, i think.

    also it’s a zillion times cheaper than dc or ny!!!

    • Oh yes, anchors! I have a whole box of them in different sizes (I used the just to be safe when I hung the mirror in my bathroom that replaced the awful–and dangerous–medicine cabinet that used to hang above my sink). I guess I’m just wicked paranoid about hanging something that heavy on my walls, because they’re all wonky and ripple-y and cracked–I realize that a lot of that is probably more the 100 year old plaster than anything structural, but I’m still freaked out. 😛

      This is the Ikea shelf I’m using, so it came with something similar to brackets–

      Oh man, I cannot even tell you the number of times I’ve seriously considered just yanking down the upper cabinets in my kitchen and replacing them with open shelving–especially when I first moved in, and those upper cabinets were GROSS on the inside. *shudders just thinking about it*
      Your kitchen looks very nice!

      I’ve definitely considered Philly–it seems like a neat city, and being much cheaper is a huge plus. In all honesty, my hesitation about the city isn’t even for a very good reason–I gave its apartment rental market a brief look a little while ago, and couldn’t seem to find anything cute and old and reasonably priced. Pretty much everything in my “price range” was horrid 60s or 70s construction with carpet and no character…and/or in the ‘burbs. Ewww. And it seems really strange for such a historic city! Maybe if I looked more, I’d find where all the little apartments in historic buildings with intact character and not too many bells and whistles are hiding. 😛

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