Even More Kitchen!

Eventually, I’ll be finished with my kitchen, and will move on to working on other rooms of my apartment (okay, who am I kidding–really, I’m just trying to put off having to finish painting the trim in my living room…there’s a lot of it!)

But I’m very happy with how the Ikea shelf that I painted this past week and hung this weekend turned out.  I’m still working on deciding what to put on it, but I know the jars are going to stay put (and I might add more…I’d like to move my cocoa powder and oats into jars as well…)

And on a totally random note–the Old Town Alexandria Ross is both wonderful and horrible.  Wonderful because I always find tons of wonderful stuff there, but horrible because I always find tons of wonderful stuff there.  On Saturday, I went in after working at the Awesome Historic House, looking for a pair of high heel/wedge black sandals.  I found the perfect pair…and also picked up a wicked cute dress.  It was one of three dresses that I tried on that I liked, but I only let myself get one.  Look at my self-control, people!  😛


    • Oh yeah! And it’s going to get even worse–there’s supposed to be an Anthropologie going in right near there on King Street before the end of the year! *flails* (though luckily Anthro is expensive enough in most cases that it’s not tempting for anything other than window shopping for me!)

      And I don’t know what it is, but I always have WAY more success at that Ross than at the Marshalls in Columbia Heights. 🙂

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