The Next Room

The next room that needs to be worked on in my apartment is my bedroom.  It’s a total disaster!

Pretty much the only thing in my bedroom that I don’t want to get rid of is the matching 1920s dresser and nightstand that I bought on Craig’s List last year.  But everything else?  Awful.  The bedframe, the table/desk, the random side table, the plastic drawers.  Ugh.

I do like this picture, though, because it gives you a good view of the layout of my railroad apartment–that doorway leads in to the kitchen, which then leads into the living room.  Wheee.

So, lots of work to be done in the bedroom.  Unfortunately, most of that work requires $$$.  Which I’m trying to get better about saving.  Gah.

And in completely unrelated news, I’m attempting to switch my cats over to non-clay-based litter.  This should be interesting.  And may result in everything being covered in cat pee.  *fingers crossed*


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