Out of a Rut (ish)

I’m not at all ashamed of the fact that every pair of shoes that I own is black.  I like black, and I own a lot of black clothing, so my numerous black shoes go with everything.  I strongly dislike buying any article of clothing that can only be worn with certain other things in my wardrobe (this ties in with the fact that I’m a cheap-ass who won’t spend more than $40 on a pair of shoes, or really any article of clothing!)

Anyway, I don’t really need more shoes right now.  Yes, summer is slowly drawing to a close, and soon it won’t be sandal and peep-toe weather anymore.  And I do kind of need a new pair of commuting “flats” (I say “flats” because I’m also fine walking the few blocks between my apartment and the bus, and the bus and my office, in low wedges or heels, so my commuting shoes don’t have to be flats)  So, when I discovered that 6pm was having some pretty good deals, I splurged on some pretty shoes.  Including these:

Look!  They’re not black!  They are a dark, pink-ish color (which will go well with black), and they have studs and grommets, so they’re still very me.  But NOT BLACK!  Shocking!  I also got a couple pairs of commuting shoes, plus some heeled mary janes–all black of course!  So I’m not throwing my love of all things black out the window, but I think my friends will be relieved to see that I do occasionally get out of my so-called “rut”.  😛

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