Long-Distance Kitchen Redecorating

Now that I’m pretty much done with the kitchen in my apartment (with the exception of spray painting the chairs, which I might be able to do this coming weekend), my parents have decided that they want to redo their kitchen.  And though they have a very different style from me, they want me to help!

This is what we’re starting with:

…yeah, their kitchen is all kinds of special.

Basically, they want to do what I consider to be the “good” kind of kitchen renovation–they stove and cabinets are perfectly functional (the cabinets are solid wood, original to the 40s or so when the house was built) so they’re staying.  My parents want to eventually replace the refrigerator (which is off to the right of the photo), and they need a new dishwasher because the one that’s there right now stopped working over a year ago and they’ve been putting off replacing it (I’m threatening to get them a new one for Christmas so they can’t put it off too much longer!  :-P)  The countertops are also being replaced, but they’re not just gutting the entire space and starting over.  They’re leaving what works, and fixing or replacing what doesn’t!  What a novel concept!

The cabinets need a new paint job, and the tile backsplash is coming out.  And they want new curtains for the windows.

So far the main gist of the plan is off-white cabinets, brown-ish stone-look countertops, possibly terra cotta (or just painted) backsplash, oil-rubbed bronze knobs, deep golden tan walls, and eventually black dishwasher and fridge to match the the black on the stove.

My parents are working on the laundry room off the kitchen right now, so that will be a bit of trial run for the kitchen, because they’re using mostly the same colors in there.

This is such a challenge for me, because I hate brown.  Blegh!  But my parents love it.  Fun fun!  😛


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