We’ve had a freakishly mild August here in DC (a welcome change after a roasting-hot June and July!), which means that I’ve been thinking about fall early this year.

With fall comes cooler temperatures, and as I’ve mentioned before, the windows in my apartment are not what you’d call well-insulated.  They’re probably original to the 1910s, consist of single panes of glass and some half-rotted wood, rattle like mad in the wind, and leak like whoa.  They make me very, very glad that I do not have to pay for heat (yay radiators!).

Currently, all the windows in my apartment are covered with sheer white curtains.  They were wicked cheap at Ikea, and they’re very pretty.  But when faced with another fall and winter with my amazing windows, I start to doubt them.  I love the bright, airy feel they give my apartment, but it might be worth looking in to something a little more substantial in the window-covering department, at least for the cooler months.

Of course, grey velvet would be amazing.  But even on Overstock, a single panel that’s long enough for my wicked-tall windows would set me back $85.  And I’d need two to cover the two windows in my bedroom (my windows are narrow enough that they only need a single panel of standard-width curtains to cover them…but they’re really, really tall, so the standard 84″ length doesn’t cut it…I need at least 95″).  So, as much as velvet would be gorgeous and luxe and drool-inducing, no.

Regular insulated curtains in grey would be significantly cheaper…but they’re not nearly as much fun!  *pouts*

So, off to browse fabric websites in the hopes that one of them will magically have an amazing deal on grey velvet, so I can make some luxurious velvet curtains for my bedroom…or I’ll just end up being a lazy-ass who never gets around to changing out the curtains and moans about how cold her bedroom is all winter.  😛


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