I Have a Problem

One of the things that I love about my apartment is that when the rowhouse was broken up into apartments, they didn’t really change the layout of the rooms at all.  Yes, this means that my kitchen is in a huge room that doesn’t really function well as a kitchen (but I’ve definitely grown to love it, 4 square feet of counter space and all!), but I really do love the fact that it still feels like an old rowhouse.  You can tell that pretty much all of the rooms in my apartment used to be bedrooms.  You can tell that the bathroom is probably the only original one in the building.  I still have the old molding and doors and transoms…

But there is one non-original door in the apartment.  And man, can you tell:

Yeah, it’s horrific.  And it stands out like a freaking sore thumb.  But what to do???

Unfortunately, this is definitely on the list of “bat-shit crazy ideas I’ve had”, because I looked into how to replace a door…and it’s really involved!  And requires tools that I don’t have and don’t have space for (hello, drilling giant holes for the knob and latch!).  And standard door height is 80″…but of course that doorway can’t be standard–it’s 77″ high, which would mean having to trim the door down.  Aaaaah!  So unless I want to cough up the money to pay a handyman, this genius idea ain’t happening.  Bah.  *pouts*

But just think how awesome a nice french door would look in place of that hollow-core monstrosity! (Yes, I might be insanely jealous of my downstairs neighbors’ french doors that lead to their front bedroom :-P)


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