Another Siren Song

Spent a few days in Richmond, VA for the American Association for State and Local History conference last week.  I enjoyed the conference a great deal, and I loved the chance to see a little bit of a city I’ve barely ever visited.

I had heard from many sources that Richmond is an awesome city, and the little bit that I saw confirmed that.  The city definitely has a very DC-like vibe.  My boss and I went out to dinner one evening, and walking down Broad Street definitely felt a lot like H Street, NE, here in DC–the empty store fronts and sketchy characters hanging out on the sidewalk interspersed with hip and trendy restaurants and bars.  I am definitely intrigued by this city.

And because I like torturing myself, I went on Craig’s List and looked at apartments in Richmond.  *facepalm*  Yeah…tons of awesome one bedroom apartments in cool historic buildings with dishwashers and balconies and clawfoot tubs…renting for $600-ish a month.  Wow.

So I might also be keeping an eye out for any interesting job openings down there (there’s a TON of history museums and sites in Richmond that I would be totally willing to work at!)  🙂

And in the mean time, I’m working on convincing my friends that we need to make a weekend trip there, because it’d be far cheaper than NY, and there’s probably just as much to do and see for us history nerds!  😛


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