The Closet: In the Beginning…

I’ve finally decided on my next big apartment project:  The Closet!

I think that my big walk-in closet used to be a hallway before the rowhouse was broken into apartments.  It’s about 3 feet wide and 10 feet deep, and as you can see, a total freaking disaster!

The plan right now is to replace the big plastic tubs with some stacked drawers along the back (narrow) wall, and replace the wonky hanging bar and shelf with nicer (and shorter) ones.  And I definitely need to do a good purging–one problem with staying in an apartment for more than a year is that dang do I accumulate a lot of crap!  So all the bits of fabric that aren’t big enough to be useful, and the clothing that I haven’t worn in a year will have to go!

Up next:  What I’ll be using to organize the closet (yay Ikea!)

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