The Awesome Feeling of Helping People

One of my coworkers on the weekends at the Awesome Historic House is soon going to also be a coworker at my job during the week!  She’s not going to be working for the same program, but she’s going to be working on another museum-related initiative that the organization runs.

The job wasn’t very widely advertised (and they still got a ton of applications), and my AHH coworker wouldn’t have even heard about the job if I hadn’t told her about it.  She graduated from my master’s program this past May, and has been enduring the brutal job hunt since then.  She also did the exhibition development concentration, so I’m starting to get the feeling that a 6-month job hunt is pretty average for those of us from that concentration (because, oh yeah, most museums don’t have exhibitions development departments any more!  *smash*)

So, I’m feeling pretty awesome, because not only was I able to help an alum of my program get a job, but I also helped my organization find the right person (as I said, she wouldn’t have even known about the job otherwise, and she’s the person they ended up deciding was the right one for the job!  🙂  Go me!)


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