First, I promise that I really know how to walk.  It’s just that when I get distracted and start staring intensely at interesting old apartment buildings as I walk past them, I tend to walk into knee walls and/or sign posts.  Seriously, I walked smack into a sign post on Park Road last week while carrying groceries home, and almost broke my glasses.  *facepalm*

Also, South Dakota?  Get a clue.  South Dakota has now tried to call me for jury duty TWICE in the past two years.  Note to SoDak:  I have not been a resident of your state for almost TEN years.  I have been registered to vote in two different states in the time since I lived there.  I have been called for jury duty in two different states (MA and DC) in the time since I lived there. I told you last year when you tried to call me that I no longer lived in the state.  Guess what?  I STILL don’t live in your state!  PLEASE get it through your thick skulls (or incompetent computer systems) that I am not eligible to serve on a jury in your state!  Yeesh.


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