Closet: Lighting

When I left off with the plan for my crazy walk-in closet, I was pondering what to do about lighting the depths of along, narrow space that is devoid of power outlets.

Over the weekend, while I was weeding out my craft bins (I threw away 3 garbage bags full of junk and scraps of fabric that are really too small of be of any use), I noticed that the single bulb that hangs from the ceiling at the entrance to my closet actually has an outlet at the base where it attaches to the ceiling.  Now, this light doesn’t even turn on about a third of the times I try to use it, so I’m not holding my breath for the outlet to work.  But wouldn’t it be awesome if it did?

If by some miracle the outlet works, I can plug in a cord set from Ikea, run the cord along the corner where the wall and ceiling meet, and then at the back of the closet, the spot where the bulb screws in can hang down from the ceiling!

But do I really want another bare bulb in my closet?  Not really.  So I’m trying to figure out some sort of quirky, but inexpensive cover for it.  I’ve thought about making one of those draped bead chandelier-things…but that’s a lot of work stringing all those beads.  But I don’t want to go with just a plain shade.

Then I noticed these at World Market:

Soooooo preeeeetty!  But I’m not sure about how much light they would give off…  But then again, the closet is too narrow to actually use it as a dressing room or anything, so I don’t need a huge amount of light back there–just enough to see the color of the fabric I’m grabbing, pretty much!

Guess I might need to work in a World Market trip sometime soon to check those things out in person!  🙂


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