Felt pretty blah and unmotivated all weekend, but I did manage to get one awesome thing done:
Finally managed to find the perfect chairs to fill in the bay window area in my living room (and replace the nasty beat-up old easy chair that’s been living there for the past year and a half)  And they already have pink upholstery on them, so no need to reupholster! (though they are probably going to each need a piece of sturdy canvas on the bottoms of the seats soon, because the seats are sagging a bit)

My eclectic (and very ME) living room is definitely coming together!  🙂


    • I got them at Ruff & Ready, a used furniture store here in DC (I’d actually seen them there the previous weekend, passed on them then, and then spent the entire week obsessing over them, so I went back and got them! :-))

    • The old location near U Street closed. They’re now on 14th Street up in Brightwood (4700 block of 14th if I remember correctly)

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