If I Had a Million Dollars

…well, okay, if I had $125k, I’d consider buying this co-op:

It’s a two-bedroom unit in a quiet and not very trendy part of NW near the Fort Totten metro station.  And it amazingly has most of its original character!  Hardwood (slightly beat up) floors!  Hex tile in the bathroom!  Arched doorways!  Molding and wide baseboards!

The kitchen is definitely *quirky*, to put it mildly (but mad props to whoever managed to get full-sized appliances into that kitchen!  I’m wicked impressed!), but I like it.  Of course, there’s a few changes I would make:  paint the cabinets (probably white, since it’s such a small space), replace the countertops (probably with butcher block), replace the sink (probably with a white farmhouse-style one from Ikea), paint the walls (the other paint choices in the unit are pretty decent, but peachish-orange??), and echo the hex tiles in the bathroom.  Something like this:

(Image from Level & Square via Flickr)

(Image from Level & Square via Flickr)

Mmmmmmm, black and white hex tiles…

So yeah, basically I want to buy this place just so I can make some relatively inexpensive changes to the kitchen.  But then it would be pretty damn perfect.


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