Love vs. Hate

Love:  My job.  Because it gives me the opportunity to learn about awesome small museums and historic sites all over the county, like THIS ONE in Virginia.  Recreating a partially collapsed 18th century home in glass?  Wicked cool!

Hate:  My master’s degree.  Because I’ve been eyeing reasonably-priced co-ops recently, but have no hope of being able to buy any time soon because of that pesky down payment ( 😛 ), I was poking around at first-time homebuyer assistance programs.  FHA doesn’t cover co-ops, but DC’s HPAP program does.  Then I discovered this awesome little fact–according the HPAP, I qualify as a “very low income” household.  That would be the lowest income level, the “everyone who makes under X amount” category.  I freaking love my master’s degree and my professional field.

Now I’m wondering if I might technically qualify for food stamps also…  *facepalm*


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