Pretty Vintage Kitchens!

(via Design*Sponge)

I love this kitchen!  It’s not modern, it’s not slick, and it manages to be almost all white (with a bit of wood) without being cold or boring!  *loves*

I would love a vintage (or vintage style) stove…but the “vintage-style” ones are $4k+, and a real vintage stove might freak me out a little bit (you actually see them occasionally in apartments here in DC), plus getting one IN to any place I’ve lived/will ever live would be an adventure (those things ain’t small!)

Which reminds me of an apartment I’ve been stalking on Craig’s List.  It’s not in a terribly convenient location (it’s in Brightwood, so pretty good bus service, but no metro in walking distance, plus not really walking distance to a grocery store or anything), which means that it’s also $200+ less a month than I’m paying now…and it’s in a cute old building, and while it doesn’t have a dishwasher, it does have this kitchen:

(sorry for the awful image quality–silly management company’s website is all fancy and flash-ful, and it was impossible to get an image the normal ways!)

But look at all that vintage goodness!  Those cabinets and that sink are definitely original!

But moving sucks, and I’m spoiled by the convenience of my current place…so I’ll just look at pictures of pretty vintage kitchens 😛


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