Long Walk

I went on a nice long walk Sunday afternoon, up through Petworth, Brightwood, and 16th St. Heights, and took a bunch of pictures.

First off, I passed the intersection of 14th St. and Park Road in Columbia Heights, and discovered a random pop-up petting zoo right outside the Giant grocery store.  There were a lot of little kids having a ball feeding and petting the animals…and a lot of us 20-somethings were pretty excited too! 😛

Then of course I had to walk by Hampshire Gardens (the cool 1929 co-op in Brightwood Park that I’ve been eyeing for a while, because units are wicked cheap–for DC)

Once I turned west on Kennedy Street, NW, I saw this cool little storefront for lease on the 500 block.  I think Kennedy St. NW has a ton of potential (and yes, I know I’m going to get screamed at for being a “gentrifier”–which is funny, because I’ve been priced out of the vast majority of DC myself!), and seeing that “for lease” sign made my crazy dream of opening a coffee shop pop up again…those front windows would be an awesome spot to sit with some cushions or something…

Farther west on Kennedy Street are a ton of adorable little bungalows. If I had any desire to live in a free-standing house (eww, outside maintenance and yard work!), I would totally want one of these!

And on my way home, I passed what is probably my favorite condo building in DC (I’ll never be able to afford to live there, but it’s so gorgeous)–it’s on 16th Street NW on the north edge of Mount Pleasant.

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