Weddings and Providence (Rhode Island)

Lightening-fast trip up to Rhode Island this past weekend–48 hours in total, but it felt way longer.

(I can’t claim this awesome picture–I snagged it off of Facebook)

One of my good friends from college got married on Saturday, and it was so much fun to see a bunch of our old college friends (many of them are still up in New England, but I hardly ever see them–I need to get better about that!), and I got to meet some of his friends, who all seemed wicked cool.

I was totally that chick who spent the whole ceremony getting choked up, and several of us were late to the reception because of a snafu with a rental car refusing to start…so we may have hit the bar pretty hard once we got there (hey, it was freaking freezing outside, and the bar had hot spiked cider!).  But all was good, and my friend was smart enough to put a bunch of us cynical, abrasive people together at the “sassy” table.  And there was lots of dancing, attempts to sing the Williams fight song (I’m not sure that many of us would have been able to remember all of the words even totally sober), and an “after-party” at our hotel.  All in all, an amazingly good time was had.  🙂

(This one IS my picture)

Both my friend and her new husband are in Providence, RI for grad school.  It’s definitely a very cute town, but as several people put it over the weekend, it’s pretty much just a suburb of Boston these days, because it (like the rest of RI) doesn’t exactly have much of an economy any more.  From what I can tell, Providence is mostly kept going by its assortment of colleges, the state capitol, and people who commute to Boston for work.  But it does still have that very post-industrial New England feel to it that I sometimes miss (I think a lot of it is the architecture…love all the old factories and houses!)


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