January and February are without-a-doubt my least favorite time of year (and that’s impressive, coming from the girl who hates summer)–as far back as i can remember, I’ve always gone into a hibernation/slump around this time.  Blegh.

I went on another long walk this past weekend.  Only took one picture, though.

Petworth, with a wee bit of snow (and some more cute bungalows!)

Every time I go on one of my walks through upper parts of NW, I’m a little less thrilled to return to Mount Pleasant.  I’ve mentioned to numerous people that “Mount Pleasant is the nicest neighborhood I’ve ever lived in here in DC” (yes, even better than Foggy Bottom, my first stop here in DC–FB is an undergrad shithole, though you’d never guess it from the rents apartments there command)…it’s almost that it’s too nice.  I feel awkward surrounded by million-dollar rowhouses, nannies pushing kids in tricked-out strollers, and people who are my age but can afford to drop $1800/month on an apartment (while also being able to afford a car, and going to their family’s cabin or beach house every other weekend, while planning their annual trip to Europe or Asia or wherever.)

It’s weird, because in many of the more transitional neighborhoods of DC, I’m seen as a “gentrifier”, because I’m “white”.  I also happen to not have family money, or a government or consulting job.  Hell, I’ve discovered that some “income restricted” apartment buildings in DC have a minimum income requirement that is above what I make. *headdesk*

I’ve learned how to live on what I make, and I’m reasonably happy with it.  But I feel like I might be more comfortable in a less affluent neighborhood of DC…

It also doesn’t help that another one bedroom unit in Hampshire Gardens just went on the market, for $60k.  When I mentioned that to my mom on the phone, instead of getting the expected “NO!  Don’t even thing about it!”  She just said, “Well, you should probably hold off on buying something until you all sign a new cooperative agreement with the feds, or until after the presidential election.” (Because I have significantly more job security under a Democratic president than under a Republican)  Not helping, mother! 😛


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