The Weekend

Well, it was a weekend. Actually ended up being pretty busy (no long walk up to visit my friend Hampshire Gardens, though ;-))

First off, I made bagels.  From scratch.  Whole wheat bagels that are 150 calories each.  Yeah, they’re amazing. Most of them are currently in the freezer until I get around to buying smoked salmon, light cream cheese, and capers. Mmmmm, lox.

The amazing recipe can be found HERE.

Then, I finally made it to a roller derby bout.  I’ve been wanting to go for ever, but I always managed to talk myself out of it, or couldn’t find anyone else who wanted to go. I also used it as an excuse to combine my hot pink skinny jeans with my Star Wars t-shirt.  Who, me, a nerd?  😉

Excuse the crappy picture.  My iPhone didn’t like the lighting, or the fact that the ladies were moving. The nerve.  😛

And then, I tore my apartment apart!

I might possibly own a few books. Just a few! (This is only half of the books that came off my bookcases!)

Okay, so I didn’t really tear my apartment apart.  I just moved my bookcases into my bedroom to make room along the back wall of the living room for what I hope will be my new craft space.  Once I save up the money and get my lazy ass to Ikea…

Hopefully soon there will be a desk!  And a few small bookshelves!  And craft stuff!

And that, my friends, was my weekend.  Damn, I actually did quite a bit. 🙂


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