Oh Look!

I’m about to say something good about new construction!  (Maybe the world is really going to end this year!  :-P)

This is the plan for a number of new construction “townhouse style” condos that are about to be built in the Shaw neighborhood of DC.  Pretty awesome for new construction, huh?

I have pretty high hopes for the look of these buildings, because the company behind the construction, Capital City Real Estate, is the same company behind this:

Yeah, that is also new construction!  I know, I totally wouldn’t believe it either if I hadn’t walked by while it was going up.

Now, I will say that I’m less of a fan of the interiors of CCRE’s condos, both those in new construction and those in older rehabs.  They’re way too modern for my taste (I’m of the opinion that the interior of a building should in some way reflect the look of it’s exterior–I’m not a fan of totally modern interiors in old buildings, but you all have already figured that out if you’ve spent any time around here! :-P), but apparently a lot of people like them, because they pretty much always get snapped up really quickly.

So see?  New construction doesn’t always have to be nothing but glass and steel and strange angles (*cough*cough*14thStreetNW*cough*cough*)

But I’d still take an actual 100 year old building, even over something built to look like a 100 year old building any day.  But it’s nice to see a company actually trying to fit its buildings into a neighborhood, instead of throwing up something that screams “I’m a modern building, look at MEEEEEEEEEEE!


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