I’m Being Practical and Rational Again

(that was sarcasm, in case you were wondering :-P)

So, my latest “thing that would be cool to do but I’ll never actually do”?  Tile the second floor landing in my apartment building.  You see, the second floor landing (where the door into my apartment is located) doesn’t have the same glorious, century-old wood flooring that the rest of the building has.  Instead, it’s got what I assume is subfloor.  Not a good look.

What would be a good look?

How about something like this?

Or this?

Translation:  Vintage-looking tiles would look so much better.  Maybe it could echo the greek key pattern just inside the building’s front door (yes, my header is a photo of the floor of the entry to my building)!

But yeah, never going to happen.  Because while I don’t think my landlord cares overly much what I do inside my apartment, taking my love of doing strange things into the public areas of the building might be a little over the line.  And, you know, my upstairs neighbor might kill me, because she needs that hall to get in and out of her apartment, and me taking it out of commission to indulge my love of old-looking things might make me a bad neighbor.  😛


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