More Whirlwind Trips

This time for work!

My boss and I took a road trip to Ocean City, Maryland for the Small Museum Association conference this past weekend.  It was extremely fun, and extremely exhausting (we got home yesterday afternoon, and I promptly went home, went to bed, and woke up this morning!)

DC gave us a parting gift as we were loading up the car Sunday morning.  Mmmmm, smashed rat.

The ocean!  The very, very cold ocean.  There’s a reason why our conference is in Ocean City in February! 😛

Apparently not many other people frequent Ocean City in February.  Silly people.

There was a costume contest during the final dinner where we had to make costumes out of recycled materials. (The people in this picture may yell at me for putting this on the internet, but I’m not identifying you guys!  Be happy that I’m not doing that!  :-P)

It was a great conference, but I was definitely happy to get home to the fur-babies.  There were lots of snuggles when I got home.  🙂


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