I Have Will-Power! (And Also a Broken Window)

I often spend my lunch hour at work browsing through Craig’s List (yes, I’m that cool).  Today, I spotted a listing for a cute one bedroom apartment that’s for rent up in Brightwood.  It’s in a condo building, and was recently renovated (actually a decent renovation that didn’t involve ripping out all the original molding or doors!  Huzzah!), with a nice slick kitchen.  And it’s $100 less per month than what I’m paying now (and is walkable to the Takoma metro station, and right by a Safeway).  I was drooling.

But I talked myself out of it!  Largely because the bedroom is carpeted, and my last apartment taught me that my cats do not get along well with carpeting (Lizzie is the queen of the stealth-hairball-under-the-bed, which I didn’t find until I moved out…and Max seems to think that any surface that is covered in carpeting = scratching post, and no amount of squirting him with a water bottle seemed to dampen his love of ripping into that poor bedroom carpet).  So, in the interest of generally getting most, if not all, of my security deposit back, I figure that carpet is a poor choice for me.  Also, moving is a pain.  A HUGE pain.  And I don’t want to do it.  Even though THIS happened over the windy, windy weekend:

That is the bottom right corner of the wooden frame around the glass in my kitchen window.  And yes, it just came apart.  I’ve known since I moved in that the windows in my building are on their last legs, so I’m actually kind of impressed that I made it almost 2 years before this happened.  But yeah, not so cool.

Maybe something like that would send a sane person (who’s on month to month, so just needs to give 30 days notice to be out of her current place) running to open houses looking for a new apartment.  But I like my quirky little place.  So until one of the windows totally falls out or something, it looks like I’m resisting the call of another apartment, and I’m staying put!


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