Another Weekend, Another Walk

This time, in 40 mph winds!

Also, my hip has been hurting for the past week (no idea what I did to it), so a two hour long walk may not have been the best choice, but I’m working extra hard on my “diet” after my boss had to take a picture of me for a webinar that we’re doing next week…I know I have a round face, but this is a little out of control (I’ve lost 12 pounds since the new year, but I don’t know where the hell that weight came from, because I’m not seeing any difference!)

Anyways, my walk!

I started out grabbing a coffee at Flying Fish (the coffee shop in Mount Pleasant–yay!), and then hitting my bank on the way through the center of Columbia Heights.

I walked past what is soon going to be luxury apartments.  The spot where this building is going up used to be a homeless shelter.  But, you know, DC needs more $2,200/month one-bedroom apartments more than it needs some scuzzy homeless shelter. /sarcasm.  I am not a fan.

A little further east, there’s a church for sale.  Wheee!

I love rowhouses that are funky colors, and I love the way the colors turned out in this shot!  🙂

And of course I had to stop by and say hello to my baby, Hampshire Gardens.

On the way back south toward Mount Pleasant, I stopped by the new hardware store in Petworth, and even (finally!) bought some paint to paint the ceiling of my kitchen–soon, it will no longer be random beige while the rest of the paint in the room is grey and white! 😀



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