I Was Bad

So, between the window issues (which finally got sort-of-fixed on Friday) and the fact that the “Awesome” Historic House has cut back hours for weekend staff, I have to admit, I was looking around a bit at options for slightly cheaper apartments (I can still afford my current place, but there really isn’t much wiggle room, which makes me nervous)

This afternoon, I went to see a super cute apartment in Brightwood Park.  The apartment had a ton of character, and was massive (even bigger than my current place), but it had a few drawbacks:  no dishwasher or garbage disposal, not walking distance to a grocery store, cramped kitchen, and the unknown of moving to a new building (I know my neighbors in my current apartment–the thought of not knowing what my new neighbors are like was a pretty big disincentive).  And to be quite honest, moving is a gigantic pain in the ass, and I didn’t really want to do it.

I came very close to talking myself into the apartment, but I think in the end it came down to the devil I know, versus the devil I don’t.  And the fact that I LOVE having a dishwasher.  😛

But, I did get some pictures of the other apartment’s cuteness!

I’ll be completely honest–I almost rented the apartment just because of these original door knobs.  HOTTTTT!

I may have gushed a lot when I saw the original black and white pinwheel tile.

I may have stroked this cabinet repeatedly.

And I LOVED the funky arched doorways.  And did I mention that the living room was massive?

But in the end, I let this one go.  I’m going to really throw myself back into loving my current apartment (because even just going to look at another apartment totally felt like I was cheating on my current place! :-P).  I’ll just have to find very cheap ways to love it!


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