On Moving…

I’m starting to gear up for the move at the end of the month, but in some ways I definitely feel like I’m dragging my feet.

Unlike most of my other moves in my 6 years here in DC, this one isn’t accompanied by the excitement that I’ve felt in the past.  Maybe I’m winding down on my desire for a new apartment every year or two.

Or maybe it’s the fact that my current apartment, the one I’m about to leave, has almost all good associations.  I moved into the place two years ago, fleeing a horrible job and a horrible year out in the suburbs.  In the past two years I’ve gone from a job that paid the bills (barely) but had nothing to do with my master’s degree field, to a job that actually has to do with museums and has a future (hopefully–provided our program doesn’t get eliminated when our agreement with the feds is up in 2013).  But the job still barely pays the bills, and thus the move to a new place.

This is also the first time I’m moving to a place simply because it’s cheaper.  In fact, before the $25/month pet rent, the new apartment is going to be the cheapest place I’ve lived in here in DC (yes, even cheaper than the awful shoebox in the glorified dorm in Foggy Bottom that I lived in my first year in DC).  It will definitely be nice to have the extra money.

But the move is still making me feel melancholy.  In spite of all its flaws (water leaks, stained walls, weird bathroom, crappy windows…) I really loved the quirky rowhouse apartment.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the new art deco apartment (windows that don’t rattle in the wind! original glass doorknobs!  huuuuuuuge living room and entry way!).  I’m just for once actually going to miss an apartment that I’m leaving (only other apartment I can even sort of say I miss is the studio I lived in during my first stint in Mount Pleasant–it cost an arm and a leg, but it was GORGEOUS, and had a great balcony with an amazing view of Rock Creek Park).  It’s a strange feeling for me.

But!  I am already plotting how I’m going to make the tiny kitchen in the art deco apartment work for me!  Hints:  I will finally really take a couple of cabinet doors off! …and it might involve a slightly familiar backsplash.  😀

Yep–wee little kitchen! (But at least the upper and lower cabinets match! And look at that FULL SIZE STOVE!)


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