Lighting Decisions (or BOOBS!)

Did that get your attention?  😛 (Man, I’m going to get some weird search engine hits now, aren’t I?)

I wasn’t talking about female anatomy, though!  I was talking about “boob lights”:

Yeah, they’re lame.  They’re boring.  And if you live in a newly-built condo or house or a rental apartment, chances are you’ve got at least a few.

There’s a total of 3 in the Art Deco Apartment (one in the kitchen, one in the dining nook, and one in the entry way)…for now!

At least two of them are for sure going away.  One will be replaced with this:

Yep, the drum light that I hung in my living room in the Rowhouse Apartment is coming with me to the Art Deco Apartment! (The ceiling medallion is coming too, though it might be a little much for the cleaner-lined Art Deco Apartment…we shall see)

I would also like one of these:

But which one to put where?  I think either would work in either the entry way OR the dining nook!  Thoughts?


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