Getting Used to this Moving Thing…

Moved my first batch of stuff into the Art Deco Apartment after work yesterday.  I’d spent most of the past few days flipping out about this whole moving thing, but yesterday evening definitely helped me calm down.

I got a ZipCar and loaded it up myself (oh, that was a lot of boxes of books!), drove over to the new place, and my friends K and N, who live just across North Capitol Street in NE, joined me to help unload the car (and they got to be the first of my friends to actually see the Art Deco Apartment in person).  And I actually met some of my neighbors!  There’s a nice older gentleman who lives across the hall from me, and a Latino couple who live down the hall.  Yay neighbors!

To thank K and N for helping me out (they’re still in school, and K took time out of studying for a test he has today to help me!), I took them out to dinner at Moroni & Brothers, a little pizza and Salvadoran (I know, what a combination!) restaurant that is walking distance from the Art Deco Apartment.  It was awesome (N loves her some soy cheese), and I’m excited to live close to it.  I’ll also need to check out Fusion soon.

So, to sum up, I’m still not looking forward to all the work ahead of me this weekend, but I’m feeling much better about the whole moving thing now. 🙂


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