After a rather rough moving day, Lizzie is starting to settle in to the new apartment.

Things are slowly starting to settle at the Art Deco Apartment.  That is, things that don’t involve the bathroom are starting to settle.

Yeah, the bathroom…  When I’d been checking out the apartment and just making sure that everything worked right before I signed my lease, I noticed that while the cold water in the kitchen seemed to work fine, the cold water in the bathroom (sink, toilet, and tub) only came out at a trickle, no matter how much you turned the knobs.  So, the management company had a plumber come in the look at it…

And it turns out that it’s a fairly major plumbing issue, and my apartment isn’t the only one in the building that’s having the problem (but no one else in the building bothered to mention it to the manager *headdesk*).  So they’re going to have to replace some pipes in the building.  Fun fun.

Is it really strange that I’m handling this whole plumbing issue rather calmly…except that I’m freaking out that they might have to tear up the black and white pinwheel tile in my bathroom!  Noooooo!  Not my pretty original tile!

Also, I’ve been at my current job for exactly a year today.  And no one in the office mentioned it.  😦  Hrmph.

One comment

  1. Awww! Congratulations on the anniversary! Adorable cat, by the way. It would be nice if you can keep the original tiles. There is not much these days that we can call ‘original’.
    Cheers and good luck!

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