(Argh, now I have that horrible Kesha song stuck in my head–and yes, I refuse to put a ‘$’ in her name.  Ugh, kids these days :-P)

Anyways, just dropping by with an Art Deco Apartment update!

…Yeah, I haven’t actually done much around the apartment as of yet, probably in large part due to my initial ambivalence about the place.  The apartment itself is adorable, but it has taken me a while to warm up to the building as a whole.

I’m still not in love with it, but I think things are getting better.  I suppose the fact that DC’s rental market is out of fucking control helps (I got a raise at work at my one-year review, but I’m still not making enough to afford an apartment in any “cool” parts of the city), and every time I go down to Columbia Heights–usually to go to the Target or the Giant–I’m reminded yet again of how little patience I have with rich, spoiled, entitled 20-somethings.

I’ve now met everyone who lives on my floor–in large part thanks to the one family that lives on my floor (a young couple with a baby–the only child on my floor, thank goodness!) accidentally burning some baby bottles one evening.  Apparently burning plastic produces a shit-ton of smoke!  The fire department came, and for about half an hour, I had a hallway full of fire fighters and hoses.  Wheee.  Luckily no damage, but I did have a chance to chill with all the little old ladies in muumuus.  😛

Since the weather’s been warmer, there have been several evenings when I’ve come home to the kids who live in the building (almost all on the first floor) playing out in the front yard.  I have no problem with children so long as I can smile at them as I walk past and into my apartment (where amazingly, I really can’t hear them at all!), and shut the door!

As far as decorating the new apartment, I’m still at an impasse. My tiny little loveseat is way too small for my living room, but I’m reluctant to spend money on larger furniture, especially if I’m going to be moving once this lease is over (probably in to a much smaller apartment).  But on the other hand, as I settle into the Art Deco Apartment, I’m starting to entertain the idea of not moving when my lease is up.  I know, shocking! But my rent is insanely cheap for a crazy-huge amount of space. And I’m getting used to living in a slightly-less convenient location…and I’m starting to think that the lack of hipsters totally makes up for the lack of convenience.  😛


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