A couple weekends ago, I made a lightening-fast trip up to NYC to see one of my best friends from high school, who was there for a week.  It was only two days, but it was two amazing days!

We’ve both been to NYC a number of times before, so we decided to get away from some of the touristy stuff…

We spent the morning and early afternoon of the first day in Brooklyn…

Park Slope is disgustingly gorgeous!

In true me-style, I especially liked the slightly grittier bits…

Later that afternoon, we headed back to Manhattan to hit the World Trade Center memorial, since neither of us had seen it since it was just a big hole in the ground years ago…

The second day, she went to a matinee on Broadway (she is a huge theater geek, after all), and I had to make a trip to one of my favorite museums (though it does make me sad that every time DC has tried a city museum, it’s failed horribly 😦 )

Then I wandered up to Harlem and chilled at a local coffee shop (of course!) until I met up with anther friend that I hadn’t seen in over a decade for dinner (we keep talking about how old we felt–we met the summer before our senior year in high school when we did the University of Chicago’s Summer College for High School Students)

The Subway is awesome (of course), but it’s damn claustrophobic compared to the DC metro!

So, it was a crazy fast trip (I left DC on an early morning train on Friday, and got back home around 3am Sunday morning), but it was a ton of fun.  And I’m already plotting when I’m going to be able to make my next trip.

This was actually my first trip to NYC since I’d moved to DC six years ago (we went a lot in college, because in western MA it was about the same distance to both NYC and Boston), and it was definitely a far less overwhelming experience now that I’ve lived in another city for a while.  NYC will always be in a class of its own, but I’m much more comfortable just striking out on my own and wandering around (having GPS on my iPhone also helps :-P)


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