Kitchen Musings

So, my kitchen doesn’t look much different now than it did five months ago when I moved in.

I’ve certainly not been lacking in ideas: blackboard paint, taking doors off the central upper cabinets, new black glass knobs, the same tin tile-look backsplash that I put up in my old place, black and white peel and stick floor tiles, a pot rack over the stove… It’s just getting myself to pick any one (or two or three…) things to actually DO that is proving difficult.

And over there on the right in this picture is another issue:  storage! For some reason, this kitchen seems to have even less storage space than my old reeeeeally tiny kitchen!  So right now, my sideboard is an explosion of miscellaneous stuff (everything from rolling pins to cat food to various types of pasta to garbage bags to my crock pot :-P) It looks like crap, but I’m not sure how to make it better.

But a good first step, before I get to any of the rest of this, would be to go through my cabinets, give them a good scrubbing, and see if I can’t rearrange things in there so as to accommodate more stuff.  Also, if I could hang a frying pan or two and a couple of small pots on the wall above the stove, that might also free up some space…

(Also, I may be totally jealous of all the units in my apartment building that still have original kitchens:  1930s real wood cabinets, some with glass doors! enamel over cast iron farmhouse sinks with drainboards! *drooooool*)

Wargh!  Thoughts?  Anyone want to come over and make me clean and reorganize my cabinets? 😛


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