I’m Becoming One of THOSE People

So, a few things have changed in the months since I’ve last really posted. For example, my old boss left for a new job, and I got a promotion (I’d been hoping for this promotion for a while, but I hadn’t anticipated it happening so soon!). With that came a raise (and the fun of getting to hire a replacement for my old position–ack!). Also, there’s this really awesome boy. He lives in LA right now, but he’s moving here in January at the latest to start grad school in Museum Studies (and he might be here sooner if he can find a job). So, the times they are a changin’.

A raise also means that I’m on the hunt for a new apartment.  Not immediately (since I’d rather not pay the lease-break penalties at my current place), but for the near future.

But that has raisied the question of “Where?”

And that leads me to how I’ve become one of THOSE people. You know, the ones who just won’t freaking shut up about their neighborhood. The ones who always want to tell you how awesome their neighborhood is, and get pissed off if you ever say anything bad about it.

I have to admit, I’m becoming that way with North Petworth/Brightwood Park/Brightwood.  I think it’s in large part a reaction to the number of times people (who live in the DC metro area, mind you!) have asked me where in DC I live.  I tell them North Petworth, thinking that Petworth is at least a little better known than Brightwood, since it has a metro station with the neighborhood name on it.




…I almost universally get the “Where’s that?” response.


Then there’s also the fact that Southern Petworth (the part of the neighborhood around the metro station) is becoming massively overpriced for what it is, and is also becoming full of entitled rich kids who play hipster.

So, I am becoming attached to my little, not incredibly convenient, totally not cool at all, corner of DC.  I’m coming to love my neighborhood for it’s tranquility, and the fact that it’s not cool.

Which comes back around to my search for a nicer apartment (now that I can afford a little more in rent).  I’m quickly realizing that I’m probably going to stay in this part of NW for the next place (if my only friends who live in DC-proper don’t manage to drag me over to Brookland–but I’m worried that that neighborhood might be on the cusp of being “discovered”.  Plus, CUA undergrads make me want to punch people [read: them]). Also, it doesn’t hurt that my money goes much farther in un-cool areas that it does in the “hip” parts of DC.

So yeah, keep your hipster bars and overpriced shitty basement apartments. I’ll take a diverse neighborhood where people smile and say hello to you, that hasn’t yet become DC’s next “hip strip”. 🙂


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