The Return of the Half-Assed Gourmet!

I promise, I really have been cooking in the months I’ve been silent!

My latest creation, inspired by my friend N, pretty effectively “tastes like fall” as far as I’m concerned! It doesn’t have any fancy name, besides the really descriptive “Apple, Potato, Onion, and Chicken Sausage Sauté”

It’s insanely easy. Basically, you par-boil a couple diced red or yellow (or blue, I’ve used blue potatoes from the farmer’s market a couple of times!) potatoes for about 5 minutes. While those are boiling, roughly chop a red onion (or half of one, depending on how much you like onion), and sauté it in some olive oil.  Once the onion has softened and is beginning to turn golden, add the chopped chicken sausage (I managed to find an amazing chicken “breakfast” sausage at the Petworth Yes! Organic Market that had a wonderful thyme taste, but you can really use any kind you want)–add as much as you’d like, I usually use one link if it’s large, or two if it’s small, for about two meals for one person. Once the sausage is heated (that’s one awesome thing about chicken sausage–it’s pre-cooked! :-D), add the potatoes and a diced apple.  Then sprinkle in a little thyme to taste, and cook until everything is warmed, the apples are starting to soften, and the tastes have mingled (10 minutes or so).  Yum!

I’ve gotten everything I need for this dish from the farmer’s market several times in the past month.  Also, I’m currently working through a pile of apples that I picked this past weekend on a country excursion with a few friends! Sometimes I’ll pick apples and potatoes based on color to see how colorful I can make the dish, or other times I just use what I have on hand!


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