Boo Renovations!

So, I’m in the market for a new apartment in the next few months. Since I’ve gotten a promotion and a decent raise, I’ve got a much more realistic price range for one bedroom apartment hunting in DC. Also, there’s one thin my current apartment is missing that I’d really like: a dishwasher. I know, I know, I rail against them…but I’m lazy-ass American who wants her goddamn dishwasher!

The problem, though, appears to lie with the fact that I’d like a dishwasher…and an apartment that still has some historical character. This is apparently an insane request here in DC. “What, you want modern convenience AND original early 20 century wood floors and bathroom tile??” you don’t want soul-less, generic beige 12×12 faux stone tiles all over every inch of your bathroom? You don’t want cheap, poor quality laminate “wood” floors that scratch when you so much as look cross-eyed at them?


Also, the fact that one of my cats is as dumb as a brick adds another funky requirement to my search: NO, absolutely NO, carpet. Mr. Maximus hasn’t quite managed to grasp that carpet on the scratching post and carpet on the floor are two VERY different things, no matter how many times i spray him with a squirt bottle full of water. So, because I’d prefer not to forfeit a sizable chunk of my security deposit, I need a place with no carpet, even in the bedroom. This is apparently insanely rare in renovated apartments. 😦

I have seen a smattering of apartments that I could probably live with–they’re at least in older buildings, but have been heavily renovated. *sigh*

I’ll probably end up going with one of those okay apartments (many of them have a washer/dryer in the unit, which is a plus, but definitely not a requirement), but this struggle has definitely made me want to buy a condo that needs some TLC, and renovate it in a way that celebrates original, historic character!

Maybe someday, when I find a second income (in other words, a boy) who would like to join me in such an adventure.

Until the actual move happens (it will probably be months–we’re focusing on getting The Boy moved out here to DC from LA), I’m going to enjoy my gorgeous black and white 1930s bathroom. And hope that that will be able to last me through the sea of beige that I’m facing in my apartment-future…

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