Important Decisions…

Which knob should I add to my bathroom vanity cabinet?

For a refresher, this is my awesomely vintage bathroom:

The knob that’s currently on the vanity cabinet is decidedly blah. Since the vanity’s definitely not original, I have no qualms about pulling off that knob and putting on something prettier.

But which one?

#1: simple, black glass hex knob. Totally works for the black and white theme of the bathroom, and adds a little contrast to the white sink vanity.

#2: clear fluted glass knob. Still works with the time period of the apartment (it’s very reminiscent of the original door knobs in the apartment), but doesn’t provide as nice of a contrast with the white.

So, thoughts? Which looks better? Which would be more appropriate for a (mostly original) bathroom in a building built in 1937? (Of course, if I owned the place, I’d rip out that cheap-o modern vanity cabinet and sink and replace it with this, because YES)


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