It’s the Exploring Time of Year

Apparently I prefer to take my long walks and do my exploring of DC in the winter.

This past weekend I took some time to explore a part of NE that I’m not too familiar with–the area around Rhode Island Avenue. Occasionally I see inexpensive apartments available in cute vintage buildings out there, but I wasn’t sure about the area.

There are indeed many cute vintage apartment buildings (though I’m beginning to develop a nervous tic every time I see a damn satellite dish because there are SO…BLOODY…MANY…OF…THEM in this city.ย  Argh!)

There’s also a lot of sketchiness. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

But then I went to Home Depot, and all was good.ย  Yay things I shouldn’t be buying for a rental, but I’m kind of tempted to get anyways because the horrifically ’80s faucet in my bathroom makes me sad.

One thing I did buy though is a new bathroom vanity cabinet knob! It’s the same style as the black one that I posted before, but clear (the only color that HD carries in store in that style).

I’m not 100% sold on the clear glass knob. :-/ It’ll probably end up staying though because I don’t really want to pay $5+ worth of shipping for a $5 knob. Hrmph.


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