To Shelf or Not To Shelf?

Or more correctly–WHERE to shelf?

So, remember that nice white wall shelf that I had in the kitchen of my old apartment?

Well, it’s been leaning against a wall in the kitchen/dining nook of my current apartment for the past 8 months. And now, with only 4 months or so left in this place, I’m thinking that I should hang the darn thing up.

But where?


Option #1: the kitchen/dining nook. There’s a big ol’ wall there, and I could really use some more storage in the kitchen (as evidenced by how much more crowded the sideboard is now!)


Option #2: above my desk (yes, somewhere under that explosion of fabric is a desk.  I promise, it’s there :-P) I could also use more storage for craft stuff (especially because there’s A Boy moving in in January who also has some hobbies that need a fair amount of storage space)

But which spot?

And another question: should I even bother?  I’m really over this apartment, and counting down the days until March and the end of my lease. So should I just hold off and put it up in a new apartment this spring?



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